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LA Art Girls evolved from informal gatherings and studio visits, which started in 2004, as a means of encouraging substantive discourse on contemporary art. The intentions of the LA Art Girls are to provide inspiration, support, dialogue and feedback to one another. The group strives to be a voluntary and non-hierarchical gathering of practices.

The LA Art Girls have produced several collaborative projects: Strange Love (2005), an exquisite corpse-style video remake of Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove, exhibited at QED Gallery; Total Art Performance Event, a series of Fluxus-inspired performances at the Getty Center in June 2006; group exhibitions at Anna Helwing Gallery, LACE and Angles Gallery; String Theory,a radio show on Kbeach Global Radio; and Overflow, a re-invention of Fluids (1967) by artist Allan Kaprow, at the Getty Center in April 2008. While there are over 30 members of the LA Art Girls at this time, a lesser number participates in the collaborative projects on a self-selecting basis. Meanwhile, all members of the group pursue their own practices as contemporary artists and participate in meetings and studio visits as they choose.

Assorted photos from the many LA Art Girls Meetings....