Overflow took place at the Getty Center on April 26th and 27th, 2008. The schedule was as follows:

           Saturday, Building of the Classic Kaprow Structure: 10am - 5pm, followed by Cocktail Party, 6:00pm-8pm
           Sunday, Deconstrcution and Repurposing Activities and Performances: 10am - 4pm

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Participating artists include:

Tricia Avant
Stephanie Allespach
Allison Danielle Behrstock
Krista Chael
Sydney Croskery
Jackie Dunbar
Karen Dunbar
Angela Ellsworth
Phyllis Green
Micol Hebron
Parichard Holm
Leigh McCarthy
Marjam Oskoui
Nancy Popp
Sarah Riley
Felis Stella
Ten Terrell
Marjan Vayghan

building of structure building of structure completed structure after two walls broke group photo after first wall broke Overflow evening shot Overflow evening shot Sunday's reminents Sunday's repurposing activities Sunday's repurposing activities, Sarah Riley and Phyllis Green Sunday's repurposing activities, Defacto LAAG Sunday's repurposing activities, Sarah Riley and Tricia Avant (as Alan Kaprow) Sunday's repurposing activities, Glacial Risk Management Assessment Micol Hebron, Ten Terrell, Jackie Dunbar and Sarah Riley Defacto LAAG, Micol Hebron and Phyllis Green Sydney Croskery as Ice Structure Mascot with Twirly Sign

LAAG Photo 25 minutes after structure completion, 5 minutes after the falling of first wall
From Left (Standing): Sydney Croskery, Stephanie Allespach, Sarah Riley, Tricia Avant, Jackie Dunbar, Micol Hebron, Karen Dunbar, Phyllis Green, Leigh McCarthy
Front Row (Sitting): Nancy Pop and Ten Terrell

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Angela Ellsworth, Krista Chael, Marjam Oskoui on top of Tricia Avant, Parichar Holm, Micol Hebron, Phyllis Green, Ten Terrell, Allison Danielle Behrstock, Karen Dunbar, Stephanie Allespach, Leigh McCarthy, Sarah Riley, Jackie Dunbar, Marjan Vayghan, Nancy Popp, Felis Stella, Sydney Croskery