Strange Love

Strange Love was the first collaborative project of the LA Art Girls. Taking the subject matter of Dr. Strangelove, the LA Art Girls created an exquisite corpse style remake of this Stanly Kubrick film. While the original film starred all men and one woman, Strangelove starred all women and one man and pieced together each artists representation of a chapter.

The video was shown at QED Gallery as part of the Apocalypse Soon! Show.

Participating artists included:

Stephanie Allespach
Amber Arseneau Fox
Claudia Bucher
Kristin Calabrese
Karen Dunbar
Angela Ellsworth
Anne Hars
Micol Hebron
Deborah Jones
Dawn Kasper
Tania Katan
Ellina Kevorkian
Leigh McCarthy
Nancy Popp
Felis Stella
Elizabeth Tremante